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White Papers

  1. View Storage Accelerator

This is an official whitepaper through VMware. View Storage Accelerator provides host caching through the vSphere feature of content-based read cache (CBRC). This paper provides a thorough understanding of CBRC in vSphere and how CBRC is integrated with VMware View to provide host caching. The paper also explains how to configure View Storage Accelerator (host caching) for View desktops.  Refer


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VMware Community

  1. Configuring View Storage Accelerator in VMware View 5.1
  2. Controlling desktop cleanup action for ‘Already used’ desktops by setting ADAM policy

Blog Posts

  1. View and Mirage Integration – Configuring View Desktops for Mirage Management
  2. Stream Horizon View logs to VMware vRealize Log Insight
  3. Why VMware Virtual SAN is the perfect choice for Horizon View Desktops?
  4. Migrating Horizon View Desktops to a new Active Directory Domain
  5. Database Consistency Check and Repair on VMware Horizon 6 – Simplified!